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“Mother Addicted to Irish Dance” (MAID) is a title that I first began to earn in the summer of 2003. Watching my daughter express the music of my ancestry through this beautiful art form stirred in me a joy that was … all-consuming! It led to an “addiction” that I continue to feed as a parent, as a writer, as an adult dancer, and as an enthusiastic Craic participant.

August 29, 2008

Gone Missing

Congratulations! You now officially visit this blog more often than I do.

I love to write, and I sorely miss blogging… it just isn’t in the cards to be able to keep a blog right now.

If you’ve wandered here to see what’s happening, please call or email me instead. No worries - thankfully all is well! Busy, but lots of "good busy", and never too busy to want to connect with friends. If you don’t know my phone or email, can PM me there, or anyone else can track me down through Teelin.

I debated deleting this whole blog, but that made me kind of sad because there are a lot of happy memories here. So I haven’t. Instead, below is a “table of contents” for what is left.



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