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“Mother Addicted to Irish Dance” (MAID) is a title that I first began to earn in the summer of 2003. Watching my daughter express the music of my ancestry through this beautiful art form stirred in me a joy that was … all-consuming! It led to an “addiction” that I continue to feed as a parent, as a writer, as an adult dancer, and as an enthusiastic Craic participant.

February 03, 2008

“You Make My Day!”

Last Wednesday I received a treat from a friend – Ann gave me a “you make my day” blog award...


Thanks so much, Ann, I’m touched!

One of the joys of blogging is that it connects a circle of friends who may not otherwise have the opportunity to meet. In the spirit of encouraging and perpetuating those connections, I’d like to introduce some of the blogs that make MY day (linked at the side of my blog)... and I’m passing on this award like the hot potato that it is...

Zebadiah and Beauregard’s Front Porch – ZandB is my favorite Irish dance satirist. He is the Dave Barry of the Irish dance world. He is also a close personal friend, but believe it or not, I knew his blog before I knew him in person… and one of his posts triggered an incident two years ago which revealed to me the identity of this talented writer’s pseudonym. Since then, our families have enjoyed much fun together and have become lifelong friends. – (I know, I know, this one is technically not a blog... but it has a blog within...) Although the home page is not updated as frequently as it used to be, there is a plethora of valuable Irish dance resources within this site. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Ashe (yet), but feel like I’ve met her through emails.

We Love Irish Dancing – Brooke has shared her professional experience as a newspaper designer with the Irish dance public and maintains a very informative site. I find her well-documented feis reviews most helpful. Brooke has also become one of my favorite Feis Friends. Although we live in different regions and don’t get to see each other often, we have fast become close friends. – (Again, technically not a blog, but there’s a blog within so IT COUNTS!) This site has been my source for reassurance that I’m not completely around the bend to be attempting Irish dance as an adult beginner. It includes many helpful resources, and I particularly enjoyed the journal on the blog of an adult dancer who traveled to Ireland for Blas Week.

Megsdance Mumblings – Megan is a mentor and a friend whom I hope to have the opportunity to get to know better. Master of many other sites as well, Megan keeps this blog active with a smattering of interesting topics.

Feisanne – Anne Craig is an Irish dance dressmaker in the UK who I “met” on and through AIM over a year ago. Although we haven’t connected in quite some time, I would feel funny removing her blog from my sidebar, so there it sits... in hopes of rekindling a friendship someday. Hope that you are well, Annie!

Taoknitter & Taoknitter2 – Catch the potato, Ann!!! Ann Donahue is an insightful and innovative Irish dance dressmaker in Northern Virginia. Her sewing, her designing (with business partner Susan), her knitting, and her writing each exude creativity. Ann is also an educator by nature, to which I can relate. Top that with a wicked sense of humor and it’s not hard to guess why I cherish Ann’s friendship!

The next three blogs I’ve just added to my list of links...

Mother Bunny – This blog is the only one on this list that is completely unrelated to Irish dance. I LOVE reading this blog because it reminds me so much of those precious years of parenting my kids when they were very young. (It wasn’t even that long ago, but in some ways feels like another lifetime now that we’re so busy with school stuff.) This post is one of my absolute favorites, and in this post Jessica lists her favorite posts from last year. Jessica also shares her gift for photography on the site, which is particularly fun when the subjects are her adorable kids. (Jess, ever since you mentioned your interest in knitting I’ve wanted to introduce you to Ann... go check out Taoknitter2!)

Lymabean – OK, here’s a really good example of small-world syndrome... I first met “Mrs. Lymabean” through an email exchange when I replied to an advertisement for her daughter’s Irish dance dress. Long story shortened, Lynette realized that she had seen my daughter on a youtube video that ZandB had posted from the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Then, when we met at a feis to try on the dress (which sadly did not fit), I learned that her daughter’s new dress was one that Ann Donahue had just made. Later that week I saw pictures of the dress on Ann’s blog, and a comment linked to the Lymabean blog… which I continue to read and enjoy. Though I’ve never been a gardener, it is an art form that I admire. And I so enjoy having a Feis Friend who seems like-minded in so many ways.

Tinwhistler – As part of my midlife crisis, I am attempting all kinds of new and interesting things. Tin whistle is one of them! (Aren’t you glad that you don’t live in my house and have to listen to me attempt this new adventure?!) This site was introduced to me in a round about way from my Feis Musician friend Mark Arrington, who recommended the site Whistle This, which linked to the instructional blog. (How’s that for a paper trail?!) I have also explored the links from this blog to Ryan Duns’ other blogs, which in turn led to exploring other blogs with all sorts of interesting (and some challenging) reads.

So ZandB, Ashe, Brooke, Megan, Annie C, Ann D, Jessica and Ryan… thank you each, ‘cause you make MY day! Readers (if there are any others who read my blog besides a few of the people mentioned above!), please consider checking these out and continuing the connections. Exploring the links of friends’ friends could lead to an infinite array of blog surfing opportunities... mind bloggling, eh?!

May the connections continue indefinitely...



Blogger Bunny said...

Thank you! I'm so glad that you like to read! I love that we can keep up with our families even though it's hard to find time to get together!

6:14 AM  
Blogger Taoknitter said...

I feel like such a loser that I did not read this when you first posted... I am sorry!!!! Caught the potato but it is so cold I have frost bite...and I deserve it!

Wish we lived closer...I could so get into weekly cafe mochas just so we could sit and chat for hours!!!!

Best to you always. xoxoxo

1:13 AM  
Blogger MegaMAID said...

Hey, on this blog that potato is still considered hot... it's not like the post is getting bumped down the page any time soon with my track record for infrequent posting! Besides, I didn't play fair by sending message to each blogger announcing this award, the way you did.

I too wish we lived closer... hugs... :)

12:39 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Aww, thanks!

Another blog I love:

10:25 PM  
Blogger lymabean said...

Wow, am I pathetic! I have not read your blog since you posted this, & I have not posted on my own in sooooooo long! Miserable guilt. I won't even start with the excuses. (But I DO have them! Really!)
Thanks so much for thinking of me & complimenting my blog. I actually have 2 posts started, so I'll get to work soon. Things are starting to BLOOM by the way, so I need to get busy.
See you soon, Meg!

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Ghillie Gal said...

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10:36 AM  

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